Teen Challenge


San Joaquin Valley Teen Callenge is a Christ-Centered discipleship ministry for men age 18 and older with life controlling problems. Using proven Teen Challenge methods and curriculum they provide an intense 12-16 month residential program of Bible-Based instruction in a structured and caring environment. Teen Challenge also strongly encourage students to take advantage of the GED tutoring provided. Students are mentored, primarily by Teen Challenge graduates who fully understand the path to recovery. A variety of work opportunities and farming projects allow students to learn job skills and prepare for future employment, while at the same time, contributing financially to their own recovery. An optional six-month re-entry program at the Dennis Whitman House in Turlock is available to provide housing assistance and career planning to students as they re-enter the workforce. The goal not to shelter but to guide them through the obstacles which could block their progress to a productive life.


Addiction is one of the most imprisoning and destructive problems a person can face. Teen Challenge has consistently found that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ provides the greatest hope for breaking the grip of addiction. This faith, paired with biblical principles for daily living, enables students to recognize and shed their old destructive lifestyles. New life priorities are established including goals and plans that result in real change. As these are carried forward into relationships in the family, the local church and in their communities the individual is now truly able to live life to the fullest with the freedom to pursue realistic goals and dreams never thought possible. 

MISSION To provide students with an effective, Christ-Centered solution to life controlling problems which will enable them to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become- Mentally Sound, Emotionally Balanced, Socially Adjusted, Physically Well and Spiritually Alive. 

The Teen Challenge program meets the needs in our community through the following types of ministry.

Evangelism and Outreach- Teen Challenge centers conduct evangelism and outreach at street meetings, jail & prison services, hotlines, substance abuse prevention, counseling and literature distribution. 

Induction-This is the beginning of the residential discipleship process which involves 3-4 months of Bible study and character development.

Training-Long-term residential program, 12 months, involving Christian growth and development plus academic and vocational improvement. 


Re-entry-Residential Teen Challenge center that provides re-integration into society, employment and Christian fellowship. 


As a Christ-Centered ministry San Joaquin Valley Teen Callenge neither askS for, nor receiveS, any government funding. Each student provideS $500.00 per month of support personally or through family, friends or church to offset the $1,600.00 per month cost per each student. If a prospective student cannot provide the entire $500.00 there are scholarship opportunities that can be applied for that will provide assistance. Students are required to participate in a variety of staff-supervised enterprises including lawn service, car washes, painting service, farming and various other work opportunities for which the students are hired by individuals and businesses in the community. These enterprise work assignments provide job skills training, encourage a good work ethic and enable students to become financially responsible by providing them the opportunity to pay a portion of the cost of their own tuition (II Thess. 3:10. The income generated by these enterprises contributes to, but cannot meet actual expenses. The remainder of our financial needs must be met by numerous fundraising events and by the faithfulness of churches, businesses and individuals- people who share the burden and the vision God has for this ministry - “Restoring Men - Healing Families!”